10 Text Flirting Tips You Need To Know About

We find ourselves living in a world where the computer & phone rules just about everyone, face-to-face flirting has almost become a thing of the past, people have jobs, friends, and hobbies so we are forced to flirt via Facebook messages and texting. In this post I am going to give you 10 Text Flirting Tips that will help you initiate conversation, get the date arranged, while not coming off like a total creep.

So you’ve managed to get this girls number, you’re already 1/3rd of the way there now you just need to flirt a little bit to create attraction, and then ask her out on a date. But how do you even start to do something like that? Well let me tell you..

  1. Tell her exactly who you are in your initial message

    Nobody likes getting a random text message saying “Hey you, I had a good laugh with you the other week, what have you been doing with yourself since?” if a girl gets this text message she’s going to think who the hell is that? Or maybe she is talking to a couple of different guys, you could be anyone.

    So instead of the above say something like “Hey Kirsty, It’s John from M&S I had a great time with you last week, what have you been doing with yourself since?” your first message sets the tone for the conversation afterwards so if you have something funny to say, maybe in relation to the last time you saw her then it may be worth saying, but if you don’t think you should say it, don’t.

  2. Compliment her on something other than how she looks

    What I mean by this is that complimenting her about her enormous breasts, her tight body, her gorgeous face, or her tight little ass are a big no-no. There’s a thousand things you could compliment a girl on, maybe she likes to draw as a hobby, maybe she has skills on a wakeboard, maybe she’s a creative writer, use your imagination but remember you need to compliment her on something other than the way she looks. Which she will appreciate a hell of a lot more.

  3. Don’t send predictable messages like every other guy

    Girls don’t like to respond to messages saying “Hey, how are you?” and if they do, the chances are you’ve already smashed any expectations she might have had, and she’s now thinking this guy is probably going to interrogate me with questions next. Saying “Hey, how are you?” is dull, and incredibly boring.

    You have a brain you can definitely be more creative than that, try to send her something exciting or interesting. And I do not mean send her a picture of your genitals, maybe she’s studying Art at University? You could say something like “Hey Harriet, how’s the Mona Lisa coming along?” it’s playful, and it will engage her into conversation.

  4. Don’t ask her a bunch of questions in a single text message

    You are trying to flirt with the poor woman not interrogate her for crimes against the country, you have all the time in the world to ask her questions, try to avoid asking her question after question too, questions are openers in a sense you want to take her answer and respond to that to take the conversation away from bombarding her with questions like she’s at a job interview or something.

  5. Try not to let the conversation drag on forever

    You might think in the moment great I’ve got her talking to me and now all I need to do is keep this up for the next 8 hours to learn everything about her, please do not get caught in this trap. One of two things can happen, she will be totally into messaging you non-stop and things will get boring very quickly for everyone involved, or she will start to give you less and less back in your messages and you will eventually get blanked. Not being able to text her for 8 hours solid lets her know that you are actually doing things with your life, whether it be friends, hobbies, or just doing housework which women find attractive, she doesn’t want to be your only interest.

  6. Don’t be overconfident or too sarcastic with a woman

    Women find confidence attractive in a guy but if you’re being a sarcastic douche the entire time she’s going to stop talking to you very quickly, sometimes sarcasm works really well and other times you can really offend her, be careful when you use it and you should definitely never go over the top with it.

  7. Try not to sound too serious in your messages

    Be playful in messages girls like to have fun and if your messages look something like this “I’m just cooking dinner.” – “I’m going to the pub with some mates later.” – “I have work soon.” She’s going to lose interest pretty quickly those are some seriously blunt messages, throwing around a bit of wittiness isn’t tough these days. You can pause for 5 minutes and for all she knows, you were taking the rubbish out instead of thinking about a clever or playful way to tell her what you’re up to.

    Use emoticons and say hahaha in response to things that she says which you find funny, women are emotional creatures and if you can convince her you’re having fun it will rub off onto her too, I don’t have to point out that you should keep it light with the emoticons and you should only ever use a winkface maybe once a month when appropriate.

  8. Give her space, don’t bombard her with messages

    Never send a girl a text message followed by 6 more text messages because she hasn’t responded as quick as she did before, you will reek of desperation and come across needy which will do nothing but act as a repellent for most women as it’s totally unappealing.

  9. Try to make a plan for a date with her soon

    Now what I mean by this is that you want to have a plan for a date with this woman already in your mind, but you want to drop it in just at the right moment, not too soon and not too late. Just when you think she’s enjoying herself and having fun texting you that’s when you want to say “So I’m going to check out this Italian restaurant on Friday, you should come with me! :)”.

    Relationships tend to work better when you’re actually together, and you most definitely do not want to be texting this girl for 6 months before meeting her to find out she’s a totally different person and you’ve just wasted half a year of your life that you could have spent meeting 6 different women.

  10. Never message her saying “Did you get my last text?”

    Do not send her a text message after she hasn’t responded something along the lines of “Did you get my text?” because telecommunications providers work very very hard to ensure everyone receives text messages that they were supposed to, she got your message and maybe she ignored you.

    It’s not the end of the world move on to another girl and come back to her in a couple of days with something clever or witty and if it keeps happening, just delete her number don’t let it get to you and whatever you do don’t text her saying “Oh okay then, don’t reply.” or anything of that nature.

Thanks for reading I hope I’ve taught you a couple of valuable lessons about texting a woman, and remember to be fun and playful from the beginning because that’s going to touch her emotions and increase the chances of her saying yes when you ask to meet up with her.

And if you want to really get into the psychology behind texting a woman to have her thinking about you, waiting on your text messages, fantasising about you then I strongly suggest you go and check out MagneticMessaging by Bobby Rio, this guy is an absolute genius when it comes to the psychology of male-female interaction, especially over text message I’ve even used what he teaches in my own life and it really does produce results.

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