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11 Tips To Stop You Looking Super Desperate

The first interactions with a woman that you’re interested in can make or break attraction, these initial interactions more or less set the path for the rest of the journey you will have with her, and to ensure you get it right we’re going to cover 11 tips to stop you looking desperate.

Once you’ve started implementing these new rules into your life I can guarantee that you will have a much better chance out there in the dating world because most guys don’t know what you’re about to learn, providing you do read everything in this post and absorb it. Consider the information below the Ying to your Yang.

  1. Remember to give her space, but not too much space

    There’s a fine line between messaging a girl too much, and not messaging her enough. You need to let her know you’re interested in her, but at the same time if you’re messaging her every day she’s going to feel like you’re way more invested than she is. The exception here is that if she initiates conversation with you first, in that case she is probably into you too and you should just exchange messages as normal.

    I’d also like to mention if you know where the girl lives, or where she works. Don’t decide to show up randomly at either her home or her workplace, it’s going to put her on edge and you’ll be throwing off a kind of stalker vibe, if you want to do this simply ask her “Hey, is it okay if I swing by your place later to say hello?” she will appreciate that a lot more, if she doesn’t want you to show up she will simply make up an excuse. Continue Reading

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First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog my name is John Lewis and I am 27 years old from the United Kingdom,  just a few of years ago I used to struggle with women terribly so I decided to take to the internet to find some dating tips and advice.

I read, and I read, and then I read some more until I went blue in the face and piece by piece I put together the puzzle that is “How a woman’s mind works”.

Three years onward and I can pickup high quality women in almost any kind of setting, and from today onwards I am going to share all of the best dating advice and tips I have read filtering out all the bullshit.

Some of things I am going to teach you include flirting tactics, texting tricks, confidence boosting, voice tonality, openers and pickup lines, truly being alpha, and so much more!

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