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11 Tips To Stop You Looking Super Desperate

The first interactions with a woman that you’re interested in can make or break attraction, these initial interactions more or less set the path for the rest of the journey you will have with her, and to ensure you get it right we’re going to cover 11 tips to stop you looking desperate.

Once you’ve started implementing these new rules into your life I can guarantee that you will have a much better chance out there in the dating world because most guys don’t know what you’re about to learn, providing you do read everything in this post and absorb it. Consider the information below the Ying to your Yang.

  1. Remember to give her space, but not too much space

    There’s a fine line between messaging a girl too much, and not messaging her enough. You need to let her know you’re interested in her, but at the same time if you’re messaging her every day she’s going to feel like you’re way more invested than she is. The exception here is that if she initiates conversation with you first, in that case she is probably into you too and you should just exchange messages as normal.

    I’d also like to mention if you know where the girl lives, or where she works. Don’t decide to show up randomly at either her home or her workplace, it’s going to put her on edge and you’ll be throwing off a kind of stalker vibe, if you want to do this simply ask her “Hey, is it okay if I swing by your place later to say hello?” she will appreciate that a lot more, if she doesn’t want you to show up she will simply make up an excuse. Continue Reading

The Truth: Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?

Now we are getting into a subject here that has caused a lot of controversy because women will almost definitely say yes, Men and Women can be just friends. But Men will usually 9/10 times say no, it’s not realistic. And guess who’s right again? Yes it’s Men it is completely going against the grain for Men and Women to be just friends, and sooner or later either the Man or the Woman is going to get feelings for the other person.

The laws of physical attraction just don’t allow for men and women to be just friends, this is something that has only recently come into play as the other 99% of the time humans have been around there is not a single shred of ethnographic evidence to suggest that Men and Women had platonic relationships.

But times have changed and so have social dynamics in which humans interact with each other, we live in a world where Men and Women learn, work, and socialise together so if you want to thrive in this modern¬†world you’d better get good at having platonic relationships with Women. Reduced to the core a friendship is a social exchange, each of you has needs and the trade of needs has to be fair and when the needs of two people are different, someone usually ends up getting hung out to dry.

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