The Truth: Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?

Now we are getting into a subject here that has caused a lot of controversy because women will almost definitely say yes, Men and Women can be just friends. But Men will usually 9/10 times say no, it’s not realistic. And guess who’s right again? Yes it’s Men it is completely going against the grain for Men and Women to be just friends, and sooner or later either the Man or the Woman is going to get feelings for the other person.

The laws of physical attraction just don’t allow for men and women to be just friends, this is something that has only recently come into play as the other 99% of the time humans have been around there is not a single shred of ethnographic evidence to suggest that Men and Women had platonic relationships.

But times have changed and so have social dynamics in which humans interact with each other, we live in a world where Men and Women learn, work, and socialise together so if you want to thrive in this modern world you’d better get good at having platonic relationships with Women. Reduced to the core a friendship is a social exchange, each of you has needs and the trade of needs has to be fair and when the needs of two people are different, someone usually ends up getting hung out to dry.

Personally when I’m attracted a Woman I make it abundantly clear from the beginning that I am not looking to be her friend, because if you play the long-game you can find yourself in the bottomless friend zone box unable to escape, I’ve been there before and it sucks especially when you’ve become so infatuated with a girl and when it comes to making the deciding move and she just isn’t interested, it sucks. Not only does it suck it will dramatically knock your confidence so just don’t do it to yourself, I’m not saying you have to tell her outright “I want to have sex with you” but drop subtle hints to let her know you aren’t just looking to be her friend.

Most people when they initiate a friendship selfishly only consider their own needs, I mean the majority of guys know Men and Women can not be just friends but if a Woman wants to be friends with a Man and he doesn’t find her physically attractive, he’s going to be fine with the fact they’re just friends but he isn’t considering what she needs from their friendship.

I’m not saying it’s not possible to get out of the friend zone but what I am saying is if you really want to go down that route, you’d better come equipped with some balls of steel because if she isn’t interested in you that way, things can become very very frustrating for both parties.

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