Tinder Pickup Lines/Openers And Profile Tips For Men

Today we are talking about Tinder Pickup Lines and Openers, but before we can get to that we need to get you matching with good looking women on Tinder, so we are going to talk about things you should be doing with your pictures and your bio, and things you should definitely not be doing to ensure you match with as many attractive women as possible.

Now as with any dating site or app on the internet today you are going to find women that aren’t so desirable, so don’t just sit there swiping right to every woman you come across, these are real life people and you WILL bump into someone you have right swiped but have no interest in sooner or later and she is going to think you are interested, it’s happened to me and it’s very awkward for everyone involved, so learn by my mistakes and just don’t be that guy.

  • No bathroom selfies

    This is a trend that should have died 17 years ago, but unfortunately has not. Don’t take bathroom selfies, if she finds you attractive she will know what your bathroom looks like eventually. Maybe you’re into rock climbing, or riding downhill mountain bikes, or pottery, make sure your pictures are a good representation of yourself and things you like to do.

  • Your first picture should be of you only

    When I say this I don’t mean a selfie in the mirror tensing your arm as hard as you can, or next to your car, or with 3 friends in the club, this should be a picture taken by a friend or someone else in a nice place of you looking natural being yourself, that means take off the Ray Bans I’m sure you look great in them but you will stand a much better chance of being swiped right if you take them off. Also don’t use a ridiculously good photo of yourself like that one in a million shot that makes you look like a model, don’t do it because when you meet a woman she’s going to immediately think, oh you look so different in real life.

  • Be comfortable with yourself

    If you’re not comfortable with the way you look it’s going to show in your photos, for instance if you’re balding and you’re wearing hats in all of your profile pictures, it shows you have confidence issues which isn’t very appealing for a woman, love who you are and don’t try to hide your flaws, she’s going to see them eventually so just let her see them from the beginning.

  • If you have a cute pet, have a photo with it

    If you have a tiny kitten, a cute dog, even a rabbit it will do you wonders to have it in one of your photos with you, NOT your first picture unless you rescue animals for a living. Let’s face it girls love cute dogs and kittens so if you own one you’re increasing your chances of matching with a gorgeous women, it also shows a loving side to you.

  • Have several photos of yourself

    One picture isn’t enough to judge weather or not you would mind having that person on top of you, unless you look like Tom Hardy. So make sure you have at least 3 photos of yourself, personally I’d go for the max of 5.

  • Take the time to write a bio

    Honestly this one is so important because unless she’s just looking to hookup she is just going to left swipe you, and do not ever include the words “Works hard, but plays harder.” or “5’9 – Because that seems to matter these days.” sure you can include your height, but no clever remarks about it. You want to avoid all of the cliches of Tinder bio’s that all the other guys are doing, you’re unique so be unique in your bio. Include what you do for work, list a couple of your hobbies, include any special talents you might have, or an interesting fact about youself.

Okay so now we’ve covered the visual aspects of your profile, you’ve matched with a gorgeous girl and it’s time to message her, now we can get down to Tinder Pickup Lines and Tinder Openers. I don’t really advocate the use of Pickup Lines as they very rarely work, however Openers are a great way to start a conversation with a girl you like, it’s not cheesy and it makes you look like a man instead of a boy who can use Google.

And if you use pickup lines your Tinder conversations with women are going to look a little bit like this, if you even get a response:

You: What’s a beautiful girl like you doing in a dirty mind like this?
Girl: Hahaha
You: How are you?

And she’s blanked you, so what’s an opener and how do you use one? An opener usually takes form in an open-ended question, this 9/10 times will generate a response or even a conversation, it can also create topics for future conversations which is brilliant because there’s nothing worse than running out of things to talk about with a woman. Below is an example of a Tinder Opener I might use, but you do want to come up with your own for the simple reason that if she’s heard it before she isn’t going to entertain replying to it:

Would you like me to give you a cheesy pick up line or can we skip that and just get to know each other?

Do you ever fantasise about your pizza arriving 20 minutes earlier than usual?

You look like a fun girl, what’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?

All of these I’ve just thought of on the spot, they’re all open-ended, and all are luring the girl into engaging in a conversation with you. Tinder Pickup Lines are just not worth using because they’re closed statements for the most part, half the time the only thing she can say in reply is “Smooth.” Or “Hahaha” which just isn’t good for getting a conversation started.

One more thing do not, I repeat do not start asking her question after question when you get her talking, she will feel like she’s in a job interview and will either stop replying or just give you one word responses to your questions. You need to engage her in conversation by commenting on her replies, take her response and try to apply it to a life experience of yours, or something you like, but remember to keep your responses open-ended or try to finish with a question back at her to keep the conversation flowing otherwise you’ll end up making a statement and then she isn’t likely to bother responding.

I hope I’ve taught you some valuable lessons about Tinder Dating, if you want to really stand out and be the best with hundreds of matches with women then check out TinderHacks, these guys have spent the past 2 years collecting data, figuring out the psychology behind women using Tinder, finding out what works and what doesn’t and have put it all into comprehensive guide, I’m not allowed to discuss their methods as it’s protected by Copyright law but I can tell you now, these guys know what they’re talking about, click here to learn more.

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